Saturday, September 03, 2011

Five Four Three Two One, Go!

Good morning bloggers!

Life lately
Aren't you so happy to be on holiday weekend?! Last weekend we picked up keys to our new place, went to the State Fair, went furniture shopping, and moved! Yikes. 

Luckily this weekend is going to be a little more low-key. We've got painters coming this evening to patch up a few nail holes in the walls, and other than that, we're just going to fly by the seat of our pants in terms of plans. It felt so good this morning to wake up on my own and not have to rush out the door.

Recent Eats

Seriously, carrots with Swiss Laughing Cow cheese is my latest snack obsession. It's so good! I've had it every day in my lunch this week and sometimes another round with dinner, too. Andy's Clif Bar was also consumed when I found it in my state fair bag--finder's keepers!

A true sign of Fall? Caramel apples...and caramels all on their own. I'd like to try making my own this year--it's pretty easy, right? 

Okay, so I know you're not supposed to use your wedding gifts until after the wedding, but we were hungry last night and couldn't find the pizza pan so we took advantage of our new pizza stone set. It worked like a charm! 

Survey Time
Laura @ Meet Virginia posted this fun survey last week and I wanted to give it a spin. These random surveys always remind me of my highschool days and the endless MySpace survey bulletins--anyone remember those?

Here we go!

Five Words To Describe Myself:
1. Particular (Very black and white on things)
2. Creative
3. Organized
4. Determined
5. YoungAtHeart (Can this count as a word?)

Four Favorite Foods:
1. Ice Cream / Froyo
2. Fruit
3. Popcorn
4. Candy. I'm not a huge chocolate person, but I'm all over anything sour and fruity.

Three Things I Am Proud Of Accomplishing:
1. Starting this blog and posting regularly
2. Running a half marathon
3. Graduating with my 4 year degree in Graphic Design + Advertising in 2.5 years

Two Favorite Workouts:
1. Rollerblading
2. Strength training

One Thing To Expect From My Blog:
1. Eventually a new layout will be coming when I jump ship and head onboard with WordPress. I'd like to keep my illustrations as the driving force, but present something a little more sophisticated as well. Also, things might be crazy this month and the month of October due to our wedding, but after November, things should be much back to normal--I promise! Okay, that was two things…oh well.

Off to start the coffee maker! Enjoy your Saturday--it looks like the sun is coming out over here!

What's something you'd like to accomplish on your blog in the next few months?
Five words to describe yourself?
What's something that you are proud of accomplishing? 
Labor day plans?


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