Photography is a big passion of mine and it is something I'd like to commit more time to in the near future. Throughout college, I took a couple of photography courses to learn the basics both digital and film photography. Developing film in the dark room is still something that blows my mind and is so neat to experience watching a picture appear before your very eyes. A perk of taking photography classes is that a lot of your class time is spent going on photography field trips and doing photo shoots:

Sometimes Andy joined my class for night photography trips since he had the same photography professor while he was in college a few years earlier!

My sister tagged along sometimes, too! 

During my sophomore year of college, the art department offered a trip to Italy over Spring break and I jumped at the opportunity. 

While in Italy, I was able to cross one of the big things off of my to-do list for my life: go to Italy for the sole purpose of taking photos. On this trip, I did just that--along with eating gelato almost everyday!

It was during that trip that I actually learned how to use my brand new camera: the Nikon D80, that I had  my eyes on for awhile and finally splurged and used Italy as my excuse to buy it.

 It definitely came in handy to have a couple of photography-savy friends on the trip as well! 

My fiance enjoys photography as well, in fact, I've learned a lot about my camera and photography from him! We enjoy going on photography dates to take pictures and we look forward to going on more trips together to photograph new locations.

Photography is something that I hope to keep learning about as I continue to take photos of both big and small things.

Check out My Flickr to see some more of my photography. 
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