Thursday, September 01, 2011

Let's Make this Snappy

Happy September!

I am blogging from my kitchen table of our new house! There has been an insane amount of packing and unpacking in the last few days, and we still aren't done! Tonight we're headed back to my old place to pack up half of my clothes, my desk, and an arm chair. However, the worst is over and I LOVE our new place so much.

I'm going to make this quick, because I just hooked up the internet last night and I have to pay some bills before I leave for work.

New Eats
This past weekend while we were moving, I suggested going to McDonald's to grab something to eat quick in between moving. Normally I wouldn't suggest fast food, but I was craving one of these:

Remember my obsession with them earlier in the summer? So good...I hope these are not just a seasonal menu item! 

Another reason that I really wanted to head here was because I recently saw a commercial for these Premium Chicken sandwiches at McDonald's. I ordered the grilled version, while Andy opted for the crispy chicken. They are a simple sandwich that you can upgrade with other toppings. We decided to keep things plain with just the classic sandwiches and a small side of barbecue sauce.

The verdict? They were actually really good for a fast food joint! I'd definitely get one again--as long as I can have a delicious frozen strawberry lemonade as my side!


A couple of nights ago, I finished unpacking around 8:15pm and found myself with nothing to do since we didn't have internet yet. I hopped in bed, popped in a movie, and within 15 minutes was out like a light. All that moving really wears you out!

My goal for this week? To see how many days I can wear my hair in a ponytail. We're going on day 4 now! Now that I live really close to work, I have extra time in the morning and rather than spending it on my hair, I've been unpacking and organizing instead! Priorities, people! 

Have you guys seen the new Blogger interface? I like it much better than the old version, but seriously, why is the blogging box so tiny? Don't they know we have pictures to upload? Okay, I guess it grows as you type...but still. I like wide open spaces, thank you. By the way, I still plan on switching to WordPress after the wedding craziness settles down a bit! It's much more customizable! 

Off to finish getting ready! Oh, and paying those bills...

Have a great first day of September! 

How do you usually wear your hair? 
Favorite month?
What's a new fast food that you've tried recently?


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