Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Provolone Portabella Burgers & Then Some

Good morning!

I've been slacking in the blogging department do to the wedding date sneaking up on me! We are almost exactly 2 months out from tying the knot!

I just wanted to thank you guys for all of your advice regarding my migraines. Yesterday was definitely better than the last few days and I'm finally starting to get some relief. From your advice, I think I've been able to pinpoint these headaches arising from a lack of sleep and an increase in stress. I'm going to try to take it easy the next few nights before gearing up for another wedding-packed weekend!

This weekend's agenda consists of wedding dress alterations and addressing invitations! I feel like we've been making a ton of progress lately and it is such a relief.

In case you've missed this past weekend's wedding posts, you may catch up below:
Alright, now to fill you in on what's been happening these last few days!

First of all, check out this awesome duct tape that we found at Target this past week! How cute is that?! I used to love Hello Kitty items all through highschool and this definitely brought back some memories!

Lately I've been hooked on lunch wraps consisting of turkey, Laughing Cow cheese wedges (this stuff is amazing! See below for details), sprouts, and veggies! All wrapped up in a whole-grain tortilla...portable and tasty! 

So far I've tried the "Creamy Swiss" cheese and the Mozzarella, Sun-Dried Tomato & Basil flavors and I must say, it is hard to choose a winner. The swiss reminds me of a tangy cream cheese, while the tomato basil delivers a punch of flavor. Perfect on a wrap or with some crackers for a snack! They have a garlic and herb one that I've been meaning to try as well. I'll keep you posted!

On Monday, I headed to my desk to drop off my purse before swinging by the break room to fill up my water bottle and place my lunch in the fridge when I noticed this cut-out on my desk. Turns out a coworker saw this in a magazine and cut it out since it says my nickname, "Lola" on it! This little surprise definitely made my morning! 

Monday mornings are always kind of rough...point proven: I topped my Greek yogurt with a squirt of honey from home and when I went to stir it, I realized that there was a plastic wrap on top of the yogurt. Fail! 

Luckily, I remembered that there were some honey sticks in the break room leftover from a project I worked on last year. The packaging of these honey sticks served as inspiration for a similar project for a different brand of honey. I snagged two of them and squeezed them into my yogurt before giving it another stir. Delicious! 

After work, I headed to Trader Joe's to pick up some groceries for the week. These Portabella mushrooms caught my eye and I quickly tossed them into the cart. The whole time I was shopping, I kept dreaming of a portabella mushroom burger with some gooey cheese on top.

And that's exactly what I made when I got home. It definitely hit the spot! 

To make the "burger," I simply sprayed my griddle pan with some non-stick spray and cooked the mushroom on both sides for a few minutes. I then added a slice of provolone cheese and let it cook for a few more minutes, just to melt the cheese. After it was done, I sliced it in half since it was so huge; half went on my toasted whole-wheat bun, while the other half was saved for another day. 

I topped that bad boy with avocado, onion slices, fresh tomato, red pepper, and lettuce. The crisp of the veggies combined with the gooey mushroom and cheese combo was outstanding! I can't wait to eat the other half this week for dinner.

In closing, I am obsessed with this song. I heard it on TV this weekend and have been blasting it ever since! Set Fire to the Rain // Adele = Amazing! Check it out if you're an Adele fan! That being said, off to work I go! Have a super day!

Do you like mushrooms?
Have you had a recent food / cooking fail lately?
What song have you had on repeat this week?
What are your nicknames?


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