Sunday, August 07, 2011

Registering, Bar Review, + Headaches

Hi there!

Aren't you so excited you still have one more day of weekend left? Today's agenda includes finalizing our wedding website before uploading it to the web, filling in the address gaps on our guest list so that we can address and send our invitations, and tentatively planning our budget + ceremony order before meeting with our pastor this week.

I also need to hit up the grocery store sometime today to fill my fridge since it is empty! I may switch it up a bit and head over to Trader Joe's to get some new meal ideas.

So, yesterday we registered and it took much longer than we thought it would! Trying to decide on color schemes for each room while you're shopping is kind of challenging! However, completing our registry together was even more fun that we thought it would be.

Here are our tentative room colors that we decided upon:
Bedroom: Brown & tan, + muted lavender accents
Master Bathroom: charcoal gray, wine (it's like a deep purple-y red)
Guest Bathroom: gray or /black + ???
Bedroom 2: Eh, not sure yet...this is going to be our office....
Living room: Gray & black + teal accents

We are hoping to use a lot of our own artwork to decorate our home together. Photography, graphic patterns, typography, etc. will be scattered throughout the walls of our first place together. I love that we're both designers and can add this personal touch to our home!

I can't wait to start browsing on Pinterest for some decorating ideas! We're hoping to nail down the living situation that we saw last week since we were sold as soon as we walked through the door!

We ended up creating two registries--one for practical items, and another one at a different store for fun items. We finished off our day with a trip to one of our favorite restaurants--Big Bowl! It was so delicious! They have this customizable stir-fry bar and I love it! As you can remember, I love picking and choosing! I ordered the natural chicken stir fry with tons of veggies topped with kung pao sauce and peanuts. It was super spicy but oh so good!

Bar Review
A couple of weeks ago, I received a buy one get one coupon from Target for a new nutrition bar! The Iron-Girl nutrition bar for girls!

The bright packaging caught my attention and I decided to give them a whirl. There were two flavors available: Cocoa Crunch and Strawberry/Cranberry. I chose the cocoa flavor since something about cranberry in a nutrition bar just thew me off a bit.

-Bright, fun packing
-Nutritional benefits geared towards women--iron, whole grains, folic acid, B vitamins, etc.
-Decent calories and stats
-They're made by the makers of PowerBar--which also makes some decent bars.
-Great for a pre-workout snack in a pinch. They are easy to toss into your purse or gym bag.

-The flavor wasn't very kind of reminded me of cocoa krispies cereal--not super sweet or chocolatey. Overall, it just kind of bland.
-Only two flavors were available.
-Not much protein (3 grams). Usually, I like a little more substance to my snacks to tide me over until my next meal or to power me through a workout.

I'd eat one of these again if I'm in a pinch for a snack, but I think I prefer my Clif-Z bars over these!

On a side note, I've got a question for you guys. I've been suffering from extremely bad migraines/headaches lately. They have been so bad that it is hard to focus at work and when I stand up, I am extremely dizzy. Light and computer screens seem to aggravate my head even more and a lot of times I get really nauseous when I have them.

That being said, Thursday afternoon I got a horrible headache and it lasted through the night and to the next morning. I took the day off from work to rest and I'm glad I did because I ended up throwing up from having such a headache. Does this ever happen to you? I can't figure out what is going on...not sure if I'm just really tired or maybe dehydrated or something? Excedrin and ibuprofen don't seem to do much...any ideas? Thanks, guys!

What do you recommend purchasing at Trader Joe's?
Any good lunch/dinner ideas for the week?
Have you tried Iron-Girl bars before?
Best headache/migraine cure?


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