Thursday, August 11, 2011

Open Mic: 13 Confessions

Good morning bloggers!

Today I woke up at 3:17am and couldn't fall back asleep for some reason. Therefore, I got up, showered, and now I'm sitting here sipping iced coffee and cleaning out my inbox. This task always gets away from me but when it is completed, I feel so much better!

A clean inbox is a happy one!

Is anyone else like this about their email inbox? I do the same thing at work as well--organize all of my emails into neat little folders according to their category. It makes referencing a past message much easier!

On Tuesday night, Andy and I checked out some stores to find a pair of wedding shoes for me to wear under my dress. After not having much luck, we decided to swing by Marshall's really quick before calling it a night. I was so excited when I saw these sitting on the clearance rack! They are perfect!

I knew I wanted a pair of flats since the ceremony location has wood floors and I didn't want to be slipping all over as I walk down the aisle. I love the cute little butterflies that are scattered about these shoes--and the green matches the bright green that we're using in our wedding colors. Did I mention that they were on sale for 10 dollars?!

It feels good to check yet another wedding task off of our list!

Since it sounds like you guys enjoyed reading my past "confessions" post, here's another one to start your day!

1. I like winter better than summer. Call me crazy, but I'd rather be freezing than sweating to death.

2. Sometimes I wish I were back in school. Seriously...summer break, anyone?

3. That being said, every time I see the back to school displays at Target, I'm tempted to buy markers and crayons for my desk at work.

4. I love anything seasonal and love going through the seasonal aisles of stores. Although I rarely purchase any of these items, perusing through the aisles always puts me in a chipper mood.

5. Easter is my favorite candy holiday for 3 reasons: Cadbury mini eggs, Whopper's robin's eggs, and Starburst jelly beans. Valentine's day comes in as a close second with those delicious little candy conversation hearts! I am a candy fanatic through and through!

6. I've always wanted my cartilage pierced but I am too afraid that it will get infected. Therefore, I've settled for just having my ears double pierced. My sister and I came really close to getting our cartilage pierced this past year, but wimped out when the girl working at Claire's didn't seem to know what she was doing.

7. Whenever I use a public restroom, I can't use the first piece of toilet paper that is hanging there. I always rip it off and use the next section. I also rarely sit on the seat...because you know...germs.

8. Egg yolks freak me out. Need I say anymore?

9. I think I'm starting to dislike running. Each time I've run this summer, it has not been a pleasant experience, with the worst time being the day that I wiped out. Lately I've been getting my cardio through ellipticalling, walking, rollerblading, and a new-to-me workout: swimming! This is strange, since last year I ran so many miles on a weekly basis--and now I have no interest in it at all.

10. I still can't decide if I like French toast or not. It smells so good, but whenever it is in my mouth, my feelings towards it change. Something about bread soaked in egg.... (see #8)

11. The seams on my socks have to be straight.

12. My socks also have to match. This is very important; unmatched socks fit differently, see #11.

13. I am known for being super punctual and sometimes get teased for this at work. In my mind, if I'm not 10 minutes early, I'm late! What can I say? It's the type A in me!

And, I'm off to the office! Have a great day!

What foods freak you out? 
Are you weird about public restrooms too? 
Favorite holiday for the candy?
What are some quirky things about YOU?!


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