Saturday, July 30, 2011

Unexpected Week Wrap Up

Good morning!

When I left off the other day, I had filled you in on how I unexpectedly ended up at my parent's house on Wednesday night. As a result of my car being serviced, my dad gave me a ride to work both Thursday and Friday morning. 

One of the perks to this commute is the fact that I didn't have to focus on driving--but rather I could watch the sun rise out my window and sip some coffee. It was a relaxing way to start the work day.

Coffee to go--packed by my mom

Riding into the office.

Almond butter toast to start the morning. 

I love getting to the office way before everyone else. It's so peaceful and quiet and I find that I accomplish so much more in those first few hours. 

When we arrived home that evening, my mom surprised us with delicious homemade tomato-basil soup with fresh parmesan and croutons on top. It was so good! 

Mystery gum that I dug out of my mom's purse haha.

After dinner, I accompanied my mom to the grocery store where we picked up some things to get a through the weekend. I love shopping with my mom because I can usually sneak a few things into the cart! 

They sell pre-made muddy buddies!

We came across these random cookies that had a bunch of vitamins in them...Who knew!

Right before we were about to check out, we stumbled across a box filled with animal balloons. It was a pet parade! 

Some of the items that were tossed into the cart.

These cute little mini servings even had spoons in the lid! 

How convenient! 

The next morning, my dad had to make a pit-stop at the gas station and he bought me some of my favorite gum to enjoy at work! I love the new packaging on the Orbit gum--it's so bright and flashy!

On Thursday evening, I had to stick around to approve the printer's proofs from some of my recent projects. I recently designed 5 marketing books and they went off to press on Friday but before they could be printed, the client, my boss, and I all had to sign off on the proofs. We do this to ensure everything is correct (information, color, layout, trimming, folding, etc.) before printing thousands of them. 

Since my boss leaves early each day to pick up her kids, she had to come back for the proofing session. She brought her 3 little kids with her and when I came in on Friday morning, I knew one of them had been sitting at my desk after I left since my brand new White-Out device was completely unraveled! Oh kids!

My pink collection that was sitting on my desk. Can you tell I really love bubblegum?

The owner of the company lent me this book to read after she and I were talking about it the day before. I'm so excited to dive into this novel this morning while I'm at the gym. The tagline is "What would you do if the face in a missing child photo was your son?" Ahhh it gives me goosebumps; I love suspenseful stories such as these! 

Alright, time for a coffee refill and then I'm hitting up the gym. It's going to be a big day of shopping with my flower girls today! 

Favorite flavor of gum?
What's a good book that you've recently read?
What is your favorite genre of books?
Do you call them muddy buddies or puppy chow?


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