Sunday, July 31, 2011

Fun with the Fam

Hi there!

On Friday night, my mom and Andrea picked me up from work so that I wouldn't have to wait around for my dad since my car was still being serviced. Upon picking me up from the office, we hit up Starbucks for iced coffees and then swung by the auto shop so that I could pick up my car. It feels great to have my own wheels back!

My parent's 1st cell phone from the 90s!

While we waited for my dad to get home from work and Andy to drive down from his place, I was trying to figure out if I could switch my phone to Andrea's old phone since mine keeps shutting off randomly throughout the day. Andy and I are getting iPhones as soon as the new version comes out, so I've been using my current phone until then. When my mom heard about my predicament, she said she had a phone I could use! I started laughing so hard when she brought out this old clunker!

Andrea had a few of these gems hiding in her purse. Remember when these were quite the rave at school?!

Later that evening, we headed down to my aunt's house for a family get-together. I was so happy that Andy was able to join us as well! Andrea's husband, Andrew, however, wasn't able to make it due to work but hopefully he can come next time! My dad recently sold his old car and got a new one--fully equipped with a DVD player! The drive to my Aunt's house flew by thanks to Despicable Me! I think I liked this movie even better the second time around!

My Aunt was hosting a pizza party and it was great to see everyone since I don't think we've seen them since Easter! Time really flies!

Andy and I really enjoyed playing on my Aunt's new iPad while we waited for the pizza to arrive! 

After dinner we went for a walk with my Aunt, sister, and mom! 

A cute little bed and breakfast that we walked past! Wouldn't you love to sit on that swing and read on a summer day?!

My Aunt lives right by a huge waterfall! How fun is that?!

After our walk, we headed back inside for coffee and fruit pizza! How cute are these coffee mugs that my Aunt brought back from her trip to England!?

One of my most favorite desserts ever!

Time for another date with the gym before braving the heat to accomplish a ton of wedding tasks with my mom! Hope you are having a great Sunday! 

What is your favorite dessert? 
Do you often go on family walks?
Favorite flavor of Warheads?!


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