Thursday, June 09, 2011

Room for Creativity (Office Tour)

Good morning!

Today, as promised, I'm going to share with you my home office space where all of my creativity takes place. This is my work space at home--I'll tell you more about my desk at work in an upcoming post. This is a temporary setup as I will be moving this fall when we get married!

The door to my office holds a little "L" ornament that my mom gave me one year for Christmas. 

This is my workspace. I have another desk in my bedroom (I'll save that for another post) and tend to move around the condo depending on what I'm working on or if I just need a new location. I have always worked best in clean, simple environments without a lot of clutter. I think this stemmed out of being homeschooled...

On my desk, I have the Mac Attack, Magic Mouse, a lamp from my childhood bedroom, my name carved out of wood, and a vase filled with stones and daisies for a pop of color.

Don't you love the mismatched carpet? So chic...

To the right of my desk, we have a bookcase filled with a collection of design reference books and art supplies.

My comfy desk chair for working at the computer.

My camera. Dana just got one of these, too! I use this camera for artsy stuff (photoshoots, scenic things, trips, etc.) and use my little Sony Cybershot for everyday stuff such as the blog since it is easier to throw into my purse.

Art supplies atop my filing cabinet in the corner

Design reference books

A fan to keep me cool

Once in awhile, I'll pack things up and head to a coffee shop to work on the computer, but most of the time, I prefer to work at home. I find that it is more convenient since I have my own clean bathroom, plenty of outlets to plug the computer into, and have everything I need (notebooks, snacks, etc.) Plus, there's nothing worse than sitting down at a coffee shop only to realize you left your laptop charger cord at home...

Time to jump in the shower and head to work! Catch you later!

Name 3 things you keep on your desk.
Are you a Mac or PC fan?
What kind of camera do you use?


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