Wednesday, June 08, 2011



This post is to update you on some recent random things--some blog related, some not. It is basically a post that contains odds and ends that do not have enough to stand on their own as a post.

First up, I subscribe to a lot of emails. Some are church-related, others are magazine subscriptions, daily devos, networking e-blasts (Harvey MacKay, anyone?), and the like. Some I delete right away (why I don't unsubscribe to them is beyond me...), while others I look forward to opening and reading.

That being said, I love the Shape Magazine e-blast that finds its way into my inbox every once in awhile. Some of the reasons that I actually read this e-mail is because it contains useful information. Healthy recipes, work-out tips, and fun new products are just some of the features. After this past week's e-blast, I loved the company even more because of this:

Yeah, Minneapolis! 

You may click here to see if your city made the cut. I was actually surprised that Minneapolis was a top pick since our winter tends to last as long as 7 months. 

Next on the list, I caved and signed up with a Twitter account. I have no idea how to work it yet but figured that it would be a good blog advertising tool. This is something that I've been researching and it sounds like it is a good vehicle to get the word out about new blog posts and updates. 

If you have a Twitter, feel free to add me: 

...Please note that it is Laur likes design, not Laura since they only allow so many characters for a screen name. 

Many of you have been asking about my injury recovery. I am happy to report that the stitches are out and everything is healing up very nicely. I'm curious to see if the scrapes on my hands will leave a scar--hopefully not! As for my knee, it is still scraped up and a little bruised but I have almost full movement and ability with it so I'm a happy camper. Thank you for all of your concerns--you guys are the best!

Alright, time for a snack and then off to deal with this before hitting up the gym:

Filing papers, paying bills, figuring out my life, etc.

Favorite healthy snack?
Do you use Twitter? What are you thoughts on it? 
What is your favorite animated movie? Mine is a toss-up between Toy Story (all of them!) and Cinderella!


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