Saturday, June 18, 2011

Engagement Photo Options

Good morning!

Today Andy and I are heading out early to run some well-needed errands:

  1. Figure out our cell phone plan options: either add me to his current plan (Sprint) or switch to a different provider (AT&T or Verizon) so that we can get iPhones. 
  2. Run to Sam's Club so that he can get his membership card and see what this great place is all about.
  3. Shop for engagement picture apparel! We both need to find some outfits that coordinate but don't match. Our engagement photo shoot is next week, so it is crucial that we find most of the items this weekend.
The third item on our Saturday to-do list is where you come in. I have a few ideas but would really appreciate some input because I'm not the most fashion-savy person. 

I think I'll have about 2-3 outfits for the shoot; one dress and maybe two with jeans? As for my hair--that is still up in the air. 

I'm thinking one of these 3 options:
Left to right: curly, hair up in a poof, down and straight

As for what we'll wear--I'm kind of clueless. I have a green sundress picked out, but need to come up with two others. Here are some ideas that I like:

dress, cardigan, belt, boots (source)

I love her shirt and boots but it might be a little too warm out for that...? (source)

Such a cute dress! (source)

I like the idea of doing a couple casual shots with jeans and a tee (source)

Love it! (source)

I like the colors and simplicity of these outfits (source)

Those are just some ideas--I'll let you know what we end up choosing. Im off to hit up the gym before we leave--I promised myself a Starbucks on the way back if I could get there early this morning. ;-)

How should I wear my hair? Curly, half up in a poof, or straight?
Any thoughts/comments on engagement photo outfits? 
Anything you advice/tips about engagement photos that would be helpful?


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