Sunday, June 19, 2011

E-Photo Shopping Recap

Good morning!

Thank you so much for the input that you provided regarding our upcoming engagement photos! It truly helped a lot and it was great to read some tips and advice as well.

After our busy day of shopping for clothes, we ended up finding almost everything that we needed. I just need to find some cute sandals and I think we will be all set We hit up Panera for lunch to fuel our shopping extravaganza; their black bean soup never lets me down--it is an all-time favorite.

On the way into the mall, we passed the Loft store, and Andy suggested that we pop in there to see if we could find something for me. Good thing that we did--I found a cute white shirt, 2 tanks, and a dress for our pictures. I was surprised at how much that store was on par with my style--I have never really shopped there before but I found myself really liking it after this experience.

I loved the tie on the back of the dress! 

I also tried on the slate colored version of this dress, but Andy and I agreed that the blue was more casual and summery--perfect for our upcoming pictures! 

We wound up at Macy's next--where we found some new polos for Andy. On our way out of Macy's, a black dress on a mannequin caught my eye. After trying it on, we agreed that it would be perfect for either our pictures or our rehearsal dinner. 

Shipley Ruffled Eyelet Lauren by Ralph Lauren from Macy's

Later on, we also picked up a new pair of jeans for both of us as well. After a quick stop at Best Buy to check out cell phone plan options (Andy has his own plan, and I'm on my parent's family plan but they are switching carriers next month so I'm going to hop onto a contract with Andy), we checked out our options to see what is out there. We are thinking of maybe getting basic phones for now, and then swapping them out when the new iPhone 5 comes out hopefully later this year.

After dropping off my new jeans at the tailor for some major hemming, we were starving and decided to cash in the gift cards for Macaroni Grill that I received in my bridesmaid bag from my sister's recent wedding.

Best thing about Macaroni Grill? They let you color on the tables! I had a blast doodling all over our paper table cloth while we waited for our dinner. 

On that note, we're off to go grocery shopping since we didn't make it there yesterday! Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Do you have any good recipes for black bean soup?
Do you like getting dressed up or would you rather be comfy and casual?
Who is your cell phone provider? I currently have Verizon but we're thinking of switching to AT&T...


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