Sunday, May 22, 2011

Wear Kneepads While Running


Yesterday turned out to be a gorgeous day so I figured I'd take a break outside with a nice run in the sunshine. I started out at my usual speed and was cruising along while jamming out to my ipod.

About a mile into the run, things were going really well until all of the sudden, BAM! I was flat on my face.

Somehow, while enjoying a great run, my right foot got caught on a crack in the sidewalk behind me while my body flew forward. I landed on my kneecaps and palms of my hands really hard and then slid forward onto my stomach and hip..scraping off a good layer of flesh from aforementioned body parts.

I laid there for a minute, then got up and realized my little gym bag that I was carrying, along with the movie that I had in my hand in route to go return it at Redbox, were scattered around me. I then happened to glance down and I immediately got all shaky and dizzy when I saw how much blood was all over me. At that moment, the shock wore off and the pain set in; all of the sudden all of my wounds were stinging so badly.

Shakily grabbing my phone out of my bag, I called Andy and between sobs, explained I needed him to come pick me up. He was on his way up to his parent's house but swung around and raced down to where I was. I had to wait for awhile for him to come get me and so I called my mom and she kept encouraging me to go to the doctor to get checked out. This made me even more scared and I started hyperventilating. Yikes!

Eventually Andy's car drove by and he picked me up. He was able to calm me down and he drove me straight to urgent care. They put me in a wheelchair, checked my vitals (note to self: don't wear dark nail polish on the day that you need your pulse taken via one of those little finger clip things), and then had me seen by a nurse and a doctor.

4 hours later we were on our way home. The wounds were cleaned out, numbed with a needle (ah!), X-rays were taken to check for fractures, and I now have 9 stitches in my knee. Awesome.

Andy stopped at the drug store to pick up bandages and bacitracin and then we grabbed some dinner before heading back to my place. My wish came true because he also picked up another one of these:

Awkward hand grip due to bandages

We rented the third Narnia movie and after eating dinner and watching it for 30 minutes, I was out cold on the couch. They gave me some drugs to help with the pain and I think they made me really tired!

I'm taking it easy today: alternating between the computer and the tv in hopes to heal up quickly!

I won't be needing these for awhile

Moral of the story, wear kneepads while running.

Have you ever gotten hurt during a run?
Have you ever had stitches?


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