Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tuesday 3's (A Colorful Version)

Thanks so much for all of your help with the wedding post! It sounds like dresses #1 and #4 were the overall favorites! I'll keep you posted with more wedding details as they arise.

...So I just realized that I have been sitting here for an hour with my headphones in and no music playing. Classy.

Next on the agenda, Tuesday 3's!

1. I'm a semi-vegetarian and have been since highschool. I'm not all "letssavetheanimals" but rather, I just don't like red meat: plain and simple. I get protein through eggs, chicken, turkey, fish, and my favorite: peanut butter!

Veggie hotdog on the go

Snack plate for dinner last night...along with 2 popsicles, a cup of tea, and some crackers + cheese. Sometimes you just have to go with what you crave...

2. I love sprinkles and sometimes feel compelled to put them on random things.

For example, sometimes sprinkles sneak their way into my post-workout protein smoothies. Hey, once in awhile you have to reward your muscles for a job well done! 

Totally normal, right?

3. I'm looking for guest bloggers! Now that my blog is up full-force, I'd like to add a few new perspectives into the rotation. If you are any kind of blogger (designer, healthy-living, runner, or just someone who likes to post pictures and ramble) and are interested in guest blogging for me in the near future, please email me at lauraljr {at} gmail {dot} com! I'm also interested in swapping posts if that's more your style!

Any other semi-vegetarians out there?
What do you put sprinkles on?
How was your Monday?


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