Monday, May 16, 2011

Wedding Details

Good morning!

The days are getting closer to our wedding and we're starting to dive headfirst into the planning! We got engaged this past September when we decided to take a trip up north for some hiking and photography. Little did I know, Andy had a lot of surprises up his sleeve for this trip!

We're currently in the planning stages as we eagerly anticipate the big day. I thought I'd share some of the planning and ideas for the wedding.

Wedding Colors
Since Andy and I are both graphic designers, we thought it'd be nice to put a special twist on our wedding by designing a lot of the paper goods and details ourselves. The wedding will be traditional black and white with orange and bright green as the accent colors.

I ordered my dress before we were even engaged. I found it online one day during my lunch break at work and just knew right away that it was the one that I wanted. I ordered it on the spot to ensure that my size wouldn't be sold out and figured that I would just hold onto it until our wedding. Well, long story short...we ended up getting engaged that very weekend. Andy was pretty surprised when I told him I had ordered my dress just a few days before! What are the chances of that?!

You'll get to see my dress after the wedding since Andy is my number one reader of this blog. ;-)


I found these shoes on The Knot website, and absolutely adore them. If anyone knows where I could find these or something very similar, please let me know!


With our colors being black, orange, and bright green, I found some fun bouquet ideas online. My mom and I (well...I was mainly there for moral support but helped a little) made all of the floral arrangements for my sister's recent wedding! She's offered to to help me with my flowers as well! 

We're blessed to have a very talented couple be our musicians for our ceremony. This couple is a family friend of Andy's parents and will be providing the piano music and possibly some vocals during the wedding....and we're going to try to convince my brother-in-law to play the violin at our wedding, as well!

As far as songs go, here are some of the ideas that I have:

Ceremony songs: (Prelude, Processional, Recessional, etc)
Canon in D
Air on the G String // Bach (Most awkward title ever!)
9th Symphony // Beethoven

Slideshow songs:
Two is Better than One // Boys Like Girls
Something Beautiful // Need to Breathe
When You Kiss Me // Shania Twain
Who I am // Jessica Andrews
Love You Forever // Ryan Huston

Grand march songs:
Any ideas?!

Matron of Honor / Bridesmaids

It means so much to my to have my little sister be my Matron of Honor! I haven't announced my bridesmaids yet, since I'm still planning out the logistics and making sure that I have enough girls to be paired up with Andy's groomsmen. However, I do know that I'd like black cocktail dresses for my bridesmaids. I've seen this in a few weddings and really loved the simplicity of the dress that really allows bouquets to pop against them. Here are a few of the bridesmaids dresses that I'm thinking of:

Flower Girls

It could not bring me more joy than to have my only two little cousins be my flower girls! Ever since I started thinking about my future wedding years ago, I knew for a fact that I wanted my cousins to be a part of my wedding party. Since my family is so small, I have had the privilege of getting really close to my cousins and I love spending time with them as they keep growing up before my eyes.

For their dresses, I'd love to find something similar to this, except in white:

Being artsy individuals, we have agreed that one of the important big-budget items for our wedding is quality photography. We have chosen a husband-wife team to be our official photographers for our engagement photos (next month!) and wedding photographers. We interviewed a few photographers last November and really clicked with this duo! Their personalities, talent, and style was exactly what we were looking for and we're excited to have them document our day!

Decorations / Misc.

I plan to keep updating my blog with wedding planning progress not only to share it with you, but also to stay on track with all the things that need to be completed!

From my pictures above, which bridesmaids dress do you like best? (Pick a number)

I love classical music but I'm not very familiar with songs for the prelude, processional, etc. Any favorites? 

Also, I'm still searching for the perfect songs to play during the picture slideshow of us growing up...I'd like to have a song for each of us.


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