Sunday, May 01, 2011

May Day

The creative juices were flowing this morning and the above graphic was the result. This is what I do instead of showering and going to church. However, it's all good because Andy came over today and we watched the sermon online (err...listened to it while we worked on a puzzle that's been sitting on my table for the past month).

April really flew by fast--I can't believe that it is already May! I'm eagerly anticipating warmer weather and sunshine. This weekend last year, I ran my first race as a practice run for my half marathon that summer. I love looking back at how far I've come since a year ago...going from a 5k to being able to run 15 miles. My goal for this upcoming year is to focus less on distance and more on getting stronger.

Just about to cross the finish line!

Okay, back to May Day, does anyone remember this little holiday? In my neighborhood growing up, we all looked forward to May Day each year since it meant creating little May Day treats for your friends and then leaving them on their doorsteps. We always made such a game out of it--ringing our friends' doorbell and then running to avoid being caught. It was so fun to leave them guessing at who left the treats for them!

Combining my love for design and this childhood memory, I've enjoyed designing little May Day treats for my friends. I didn't get around to making any this year, but thought I'd share a couple projects from years past:

These were little fold-up cartons that I filled with candy and gum...there was a personalized note on the back, as shown in the first photo. In order to have these fold up correctly, I found a template online and then modified it to work with the look I was aiming for.

Last year, I decided to design little name tags and bake cookies for May Day instead of going with the traditional candy route. The design for each was the same, but each individual tag was a different color to help them stand out.

Well, I am hitting the hay early tonight in attempt to prepare for a busy week of work and wedding planning activities (invitations, meeting with our pastor, choosing wedding songs, etc.).

Did you celebrate May Day as a kid?


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