Saturday, November 19, 2011

Honeymoon on an iPhone

Hi there!

I woke up much later than my usual weekend wake-up time due to a change of plans last night. I still ended up hitting the gym for a cardio and strength session, but switched things up with having a few friends over rather than hanging out by myself. Kaaren and Theresa came over for some girl chat, popcorn, and a movie.

We ended up watching one of my favorites, No Reservations, which I haven't watched in awhile but was quickly reminded of why I love it so much! The main character, played by Catherine Zeta-Jones, reminds me a lot of myself and how it's important to just let go sometimes and let life happen rather than trying to plan it out.

Honeymoon via the iPhone

Many of you have asked about our honeymoon and I'm finally ready to get these photos up! These are just the recaps from my phone, and the camera photos will be coming soon. Enjoy!

Our little guys got souvenirs from the gift shop so of course we had to have a photo shoot on the beach!

Dessert at the hotel one night. We dined al fresco under tiki torches!

The breakfast choices in the morning were amazing. It was fun to try everything!

Lots of photos of sunsets while we walked on the beach almost every night were were there

View from the route up the mountain to a winery

The gym at the hotel, which I only used a few times since we did so much walking, swimming, etc. each day

I was ecstatic when I spotted this at an outdoor shopping mall

It was great to see so much GREEN! It was 80 degrees and sunny each day--can't complain!

Authentic fish tacos--so good!

The beach where Andy's sister got married a few years ago

Inside of our open-air resort was a waterfall and indoor garden

This was the path we walked each morning on the way to the outdoor breakfast cafe

Those waffles were amazing! They even had coconut syrup to top them off with!

Bright, tropical plants were everywhere

Eating dinner at a local restaurant our first full day in Hawaii. I was a little sunburned already!

The view from our room

We had such a great trip and didn't want to leave! Now that it's getting really cold here, I want to go back to Hawaii's gorgeous weather and laid-back lifestyle! I would highly recommend it if you're looking to go on a honeymoon / vacation!


Something got to our pumpkin before we could.

Not much is on the agenda for today. I'll probably hit the gym and then see what Andy's got planned for today. We still need to put the ornaments up on our trees, so maybe we'll end up doing that tonight?

Photo Challenge Day 11: Something Fun

A few weeks ago, my boss went to a leadership class at our office, and the presenter brought in a few props to use as examples of team building. She brought this lego set back to my desk and you'd better believe Krystine and I put it together lickity split and played with the pieces for a good 15 minutes while laughing and chatting with my boss. It doesn't get much better than toys at work!

Were you more of a LEGOs or a Barbie fan? I think I was equally a fan of both!
Favorite flavors and toppings for frozen yogurt?
Ever been to Hawaii? If so, what island?


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