Friday, September 16, 2011

My First Friday Five + Giveaway Winner

Good morning!

My friend Laura over at Meet Virginia started this new blog post series and I'm about to jump on the wagon. If you'd like to play along, be sure to head back over to her blog to grab the tag and more information!

Here we go!

1.  What I’m Reading:
I just picked this up at the library and I'm so excited to start on it--I've heard nothing but rave reviews, plus the cover design is pretty great, too. :D

2.  What I’m Listening To:
Fire to the Rain // Adele. Click here to check it out! I've had it on repeat all week; I'm sure I'll be getting sick of it soon but for now, it's a favorite!

3.  What I’m Watching:
Grey's Anatomy season 2; almost to season 3 now! Another season starts soon--I think the end of the month and I will definitely be parked on an elliptical in front of the gym tv when it does!

4. What I’m Eating:
Lately it has been a hodgepodge because I really need to go grocery shopping. I keep putting it off because it's been so hectic around here lately--hopefully I can make it to Trader Joe's sometime this weekend. And to top things off, I've forgotten my lunch twice in the last 2 weeks! Makes for a very long workday when you don't have any fuel. Yikes!

5.  What I’m Pinning:
Lately I've been pinning lots of Fall things! This cool weather has me digging in my closet for my jackets and scarves and I love it!

Now, the question of the it too early to wear my furry boots? ha ha. I think I'd better save those for next month when it is legitimately cold...

Giveaway winner
Thank you so much for entering my granola giveaway the other day! I used the random number generator to choose and winner and the lucky person is:

Congratulations, Hope! Please email me with your full name and mailing address and I will send the information over to our friends at Love Grown Foods so they can mail you some delicious granola!

Ah, time to hop in the shower before work! I'm headed to my second dress fitting tonight and then my sister might be stopping over!

Enjoy your friday!

When do you start wearing winter boots? Is September too early?
Pick one of these Friday Fives and post your answer in a comment!
Do you have a Pinterest account? If so, what's your username?


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