Sunday, September 25, 2011

Coffee Date + Fall Biking

Hello and good morning!

I was surprised this morning when I woke up and glanced at the clock beside my bed--8:35am! I never wake up that late since I'm quite the early bird! I must have been all tuckered out from my party last night.

Andrea found this adorable chalkboard easel a few weeks ago after I told her we were looking for one to have at our wedding. Since it is just sitting in my living room, I decided to put it to good use for the party. This sign greeted the guests as they arrived at the front door.

I'll have a recap of my bachelorette party tomorrow, but for now, let's back up to Friday.

Guatemalan blend with a splash of good on a chilly afternoon

Once in awhile, when we've had a stressful or long week, Krystine and I designate a Thursday or Friday as "Coffee Thursday" or "Coffee Friday", respectively. On such a day, we jump in the car and head out to a coffee shop during our lunch break. It isn't really about the caffeine fix, but mores just getting out of the office for a little bit to get some fresh air and new scenery. It helps us come back to work recharged for the afternoon. 

How cute is this sign that they had outside the cafe? I loved the hand-cut letters! Too adorable! We tried a new-to-us coffee shop near the office after hearing lots of good remarks about it from a fellow coworker.

The coffee shop definitely did not disappoint--our drinks were superb and it was just what we needed mid-day. The remainder of Friday afternoon flew by pretty quickly as the sun came out--for some reason that always makes the days a little easier when you have sun pouring through the window onto your desk.

After work, Andy was planning on coming over for dinner and to run a quick errand with me. Before he arrived, I decided to take my bike out for a spin since the weather perked up and it was a beautiful evening. It was a little chilly starting out--even with my Cold Gear Under Armour turtleneck, but as soon as I was riding for awhile, I warmed up quickly.

It was fun to take a ride in the crisp, Fall air and have the leaves crunch on the paved path below me. It even smelled like Fall...perfect! I stopped a few times to grab some shots of the flowers around me--the setting sun was hitting them in just the right spots--giving them a warm glow.

Photo Challenge Day 4: Favorite Color

My all-time favorite color is GREEN! Sometimes I like other colors, but most of the time, I choose green!

Alright, time to finish reading blogs in bed before heading downstairs to clean up the party mess and then showering/getting ready to head over to Andy's to wrap up our wedding slideshow! I might be making a second breakfast as well, because I am starving!

Have a great Sunday, everyone! 

How often do you visit coffee shops? 
Do you like to head out during your lunch break?
What is your preference on working out? Morning or evening?


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