Monday, September 26, 2011

Bachelorette Bash

Hi there!

Yesterday I promised you a recap of my recent bachelorette party for today! Here we go!

Saturday started out with baking some cookie bars while eating Rice Krispies out of a mug since my dishwasher was full again. This seems to be a common occurrence in my house... Before Andrea arrived, I hit up the gym for a sweaty circuit training session which always helps me start my day off on a good foot.

Andrea arrived around 2pm and after receiving the tour of our house, we unloaded her car and brought everything inside. We blasted the radio and chatted as we set up for the party--it was fun to catch up with with her! The theme for my party was a Fall candy bar which did not disappoint--this is only some of the candy and food that was set up! 

I was so surprised that my flowers from the bridal shower last weekend stayed alive long enough for the party! Having fresh flowers on your coffee table always makes the room look so much more cheery, don't you think?

My sister suggested that we play a game where each guest takes a clothespin and then throughout the party, there are two taboo words; if you say one of the words, you lose your clothespin. In the end, the person with the most clothespins won a prize. We chose "Andy" and "wedding" as the taboo words, but the guests were pretty good about avoiding these words--using phrases like "your fiance" and "your big day" instead.

Homemade pizzas were on the menu for the night! Before the guests arrived, I prepped a bunch of pizzas--some were white chicken pizza, while others were classic pizza with red sauce. Mmmm. Andy and I chomped down on the leftovers yesterday for both lunch and dinner!

We also played a fun toilet paper dress game where the guests broke out into groups of two and then had to design a wedding dress using toilet paper.

Trying different techniques

This game initiated lots of laughter

My dress that I designed for Michele! 

Danielle and Allie and the winning dress!

Jen and Jennifer and their creation

Krystine's stylish outfit...loved the headpiece, haha

After the wedding dress game and an Andy + Laura Trivia game, gifts were opened! 

I had such a great time and was so thankful for my sister throwing such a great party for me before I get married soon! It was so fun to see all of my friends--including some that I hadn't seen for many years as we celebrated my last few weeks of singleness!

Photo Challenge Day 5: Someone I love

Andy, of course! 

Time to go get ready and then grab some breakfast downstairs! Have a great start to your week!

Ever been to a bachelorette party? 
Favorite party game to play?
Do you ever eat cereal out of coffee mugs?


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