Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tuesday 3's

Good morning!

I'm running a bit late this morning since my alarm decided to not go off. Yikes.

First up, it is my friend Kaaren's birthday today! I'm excited to celebrate with her tomorrow--hopefully grabbing some ice cream or something of the sort.

Ready for some Tuesday 3's?

1. I do not like mango one bit. Not mango itself, or mango-flavored things. I try to make myself like it, but there is just something about the taste and texture that throws me off every time. Instead, I resort to enjoying other summer fruits such as watermelon! I've been going through one a week lately because they are so good!

Holy dusty dash! P.S. My car was off--I don't drive on empty.

2. Whenever I have to run an errand before work, I always overestimate the amount of time I need--just in case. I hate being late to anything and it my book, unless I'm 10 minutes early, I am late. Is anyone else like this? I especially like to overestimate the time I need to pick up a coffee before work because I feel as though it would look bad to walk in 10 minutes late with a Starbucks in hand...you know?

3. Just to reiterate, I do not like bugs--and that includes spiders. Last night, I came home with a major migraine and was laying in bed, watching my show and minding my own business. This was the extent of my evening and therefore, after awhile, it began to get dark in my room. I didn't think anything of it because the dark actually was easier on my headache. While watching the show, I thought I saw something move in front of me out of the corner of my eye. I looked around and when I didn't see anything, I assumed it was just the screen reflecting in the glassy party of my phone, which was in front of me.

His glamour shot before I smashed him to pieces (source)

I shrugged it off and continued watching when all of the sudden, something was crawling on my arm! I screamed and immediately jumped out of bed and flicked on the lights! After some searching, I eventually found the little bugger and smashed him with the nearest object--my slipper. Ew, ew, ew! This thing wasn't just on my floor, or on the wall...but in my BED! The place where I sleep! Gross. I considered sleeping on the couch, but decided against it when I remembered how much more comfortable my bed is--and then proceeded to feel creepy-crawly all night...

Off to an appointment, then the office, followed by some pre-marital counseling!
Be sure to check back tomorrow for my friend Dana's guest post!

Has a spider ever caught you off guard?
Do you like mango? Or are there any fruits you don't like?
Are you generally early or late?


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