Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tuesday 3's

Hello, humidity! I didn't miss you.

How was everyone's Memorial Day weekend? Mine flew by but it was great having that extra day off. In case you were out of town this weekend, you may catch up here:
Here we are already at Tuesday! It's back to the grind today, but it should fly by since I have a doctor's appointment later on to have my stitches removed. Now I can hit up the pool since Summer is finally here!

Tuesday 3's

1. I love lists and make them all of the time for work and personal things. Most of the times my lists are on post-it notes since some of my best ideas seem come to me while I am at work.

Common list topics include: 
  • groceries
  • blog post ideas
  • to-do items
  • priority of deadlines for projects at work

When I am at home, however, I tend to make my lists using a program called Evernote. This free download makes it super simple to organize all kinds of lists and information to keep you organized in all different areas. This is a great program and I'll tell you more about it in an upcoming post about the tools I use for blogging.

2. Popsicles are a staple of mine in the summer and it is not uncommon for me to eat 2-3 of them in one sitting. I love how fruity and refreshing they are on a hot, summer day.

My favorite are Edy's all-natural fruit bars, but really--any popsicle will do!

3. Rollerblading is hands-down my favorite summer fitness activity. Yesterday afternoon was spent rollerblading around the lake while jamming out to my ipod and enjoying the summer day. What I love the most about rollerblading is that I always forget that I'm working out. The time flies and by the time I am done, I'm drenched in sweat so I know that I got a really good workout in.

Are you a list-maker?
Favorite popsicle flavor?
What's your favorite summer fitness activity?


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