Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tuesday 3's

It's time for Tuesday 3's again!

1. I could eat cereal for each meal of the day and be perfectly content. It is my go-to meal--whether it be in a bowl with milk, in a ziplock baggie as an afternoon snack at work, or straight out of the box while watching tv. The variety of flavors keep me entertained without getting tired of it.

2. When I find a new song that I like, I tend to wear it out completely by listening to it on repeat on my iPod until I'm so sick of it that I have to change the radio station whenever it comes on while I'm driving.

I downloaded a new playlist before I ran a half marathon last summer, and the first 5 miles of the race consisted of 3 songs on repeat before I moved on to the rest of my running playlist. Right now, my "repeat song" is "Get Around This" by SafetySuit...I LOVE this band! My sister and I discovered this band when one of their songs was played during the show "The Hills."

3. Really, the only color I'm not a huge fan of is YELLOW. Other than that, I pretty much like any color, with GREEN being my all-time favorite.

Tell me three random things about you!

Do you listen to songs on repeat?


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