Monday, April 25, 2011


I spent the day on Friday with my sister (recap post of that coming soon), and spent the night at my parent's house that night so that I could wake up and enjoy an early Easter brunch with my fiance, my parents, and my sister and her husband. We celebrated a day early since my sister had to work on Easter--what a rip off! (The fact that she had to work...not the fact that we had to celebrate 2 days in a row!) ;-)

My mom always goes all out and decorates the table whenever we have a special event or holiday at her house. It makes it so fun because she really outdoes herself every time! I really am a 5 year old at heart, because I love cute little things with my name on them.

Let's clarify something real quick, shall we? 

My younger sister's name is Andrea. Even though she is 3 years younger than me, she looks older (mainly because she's 6 inches taller); therefore, I often refer to her as my "big little sister" while she calls me her "little big sister."

She just got married this past January.

Her husband's name is Andrew:

My fiance's name is Andrew as well, but 90% of the time he goes by Andy:

It gets really confusing pretty fast when all of us get together since 3 of us have very similar names!

Okay, now that we've got name tags on everyone, we can proceed to the brunch:

Before everyone arrived, I helped my mom make frosting for our delicious cinnamon rolls! I definitely enjoyed a few "frosting fingers" during the process and throughout the morning while my mom was in the shower.

As soon as everyone arrived, we excitedly began our annual egg hunt! 

I'm such a shrimp!

The egg hunt began with each of us opening an egg at our place setting at the table. Each of "the kids" had a specific colored egg that had clues inside to lead us to the next egg of that color. 

My nails are two-tone because my sister and I spent approximately 20 minutes in the cosmetics department of Target the night before trying to decide on which nail polish colors to buy. 


We get really competitive about this event; my sister found her basket first this year!

Andy's clues were the hardest! He soon found his basket though! 

After the egg hunt and diving into some candy, we ate brunch! 

Andrea + Andrew (I collectively refer to them as "AJ Squared"), brought over their new XBox Kinnect for us to play with! Normally I'm not a huge video game person, but ever since I played Kinnect for the first time at my friend Allie's going-away party, I've been hooked. I get way too excited about playing these games! 

And...that's how we do Easter Eve. We usually do the traditional church and lunch shenanigans on Easter Sunday.

How did you celebrate Easter?


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