Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Boots are Back!

I woke up this morning to this delightful scene:


And you thought winter was over! Good thing I left my Christmas lights up!

Therefore, what does one do when faced with a potentially pokey commute into the office? Smile and wear your favorite Roxy boots so they can get one last appearance for winter 2011 before going out with a bang. Today, however, I didn't have a delicious slushie in my hand nor did I have a bag of apples in my wagon.

Before leaving for work, I grabbed the mail and found this little number waiting for me!

Unfortunately, did miss my birthday. Don't you remember that it was a month ago? Don't worry, I'll still like you forever as long as you realize what a mistake you made by changing your logo. Belated birthdays aside, a complimentary, handcrafted espresso beverage? Sign me up!

Speaking of which, if you bring in your own tumbler or travel mug to Starbucks on Good Friday (Earth Day 2011), they'll fill it up with your choice of brewed coffee or tea! Cha-ching.

This evening I went to the gym to lift and complete an interval workout on the elliptical. The time flew by thanks to Jeopardy on the TVs this great playlist:

Time to finish vacuuming so that I can reward myself with this:

It's been a random day...don't worry, posts about design will be popping up soon.

What are some of your favorite songs right now?
See above for mine.

Do you like coffee/espresso? If so, what is your signature drink?
Triple grande soy lattes are delicious!


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