Sunday, November 13, 2011

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Good morning!


I'm not sure about you, but where I live, it is getting cold. Don't get me wrong, I like the cold more than the excessive heat of summer in Minnesota, but each year it comes as a surprise. It doesn't gradually get cold day it is 60 and you're prancing around without a coat, and the next day, you're donning boots and a scarf. ...Along with 3 shirts since the office is freezing year round but reaches its peak arctic temp during the winter months.

Peach tea in a Christmas mug!

That being said, a lot of tea is consumed during the day in attempt to stay warm.

I swear I drink about 4 cups throughout the day; at least it's better than 4 cups of coffee, right?

Yesterday I woke up super early, rushed off to the gym for a sweaty strength + cardio session, and then headed to the grocery store before the rest of the world was awake and crowding the aisles. I love getting my shopping done early in the morning--it is so much less stressful since there are no lines, crying children, or lack of parking spaces. 

When I arrived home, I quickly unloaded and sorted all of the groceries before sitting down to some lunch with Andy. We made sub sandwiches and sometimes those just hit the spot--especially when extra pickles are involved!

I kept my lunch pretty light with my sides being fruit and veggies + hummus since I was headed out mid-afternoon for an appetizer date with my friend, Kara Lynn. I recently saw her at my bachelorette party and the wedding, but we didn't get to talk much so we decided a lunch date would be best. 

She just got married last spring, so chatter about weddings, married life, jobs, and future plans filled the 3 hours that we spent at a restaurant. It was so fun catching up with her since it has been so long! We were neighbors in the dorms during our freshman year of college so we shared a tight bond back in the day!

When I arrived home, Andy convinced me to make tacos and although they didn't sound good to me, as soon as the smells filled the air, I started getting hungry for them. Since I ate half a bowl of tortilla soup and a million chips at the restaurant earlier that afternoon, I wasn't super hungry. My solution? A taco bowl! I used homemade cilantro-lime rice as the base and piled on the toppings. A generous pouring of salsa followed this photo to top things off! 

After we ate, we set up Andy's Christmas tree that he had picked up from his parents' house earlier in the day. We decided to swap my mini tree with his since we have high ceilings downstairs. His taller tree filled the space much better than my fun-sized one. We moved my tree upstairs so we've got Christmas on two floors. Perfect!

Later on in the evening, I was telling Andy that I had heard good things about the game "Words with Friends." We immediately downloaded it from the App store and were instantly hooked! We played against each other for almost two hours--each of us laying on our own respective couches--the love seat for me, and the full-size for him. About an hour into the game, I texted my sister and got her hooked as well. I love that it is a continuous game and you can play whenever you have time throughout the day. 

Off to hit the shower--we're headed to church this morning for the first time in a long stretch! We've been so busy with moving, wedding planning, etc. that we haven't been regular about our attendance. Time to change that! 

Do you know of any other fun phone games that you can play against friends?
I'm looking for some new blogs to add to my Reader--what are some of your favorites?
Do you prefer taco bowls/salads or regular tacos?


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