Saturday, October 29, 2011

Gingerbread Creamer, Lofty Office, & American Girl Dolls

Good morning!

Happy Saturday to you! Last night I had so much fun catching up over coffee with my friend Bre before heading downtown to Krystine's birthday bash. We discussed hanging out more often because since college, we really don't see each other much since I live in the opposite direction as her.

In college, I met Bre through a mutual friend and we instantly hit it off. We've sure had our share of fun over the years and hopefully we can keep hanging out on a regular basis.

Saturday Plans
I woke up this morning excited knowing that it is Saturday! It's our first weekend together in our new place and on the agenda for today is getting back into my gym routine, attempting to make this girl's pumpkin spice pancake recipe, and then heading to my parents this evening to open all of our wedding gifts that they've been storing at their house since the big day! I believe Andrea and Andrew are going to join us for dinner as well--it will be fun to see everyone and tell them about our trip.

I also just brewed some coffee and added a new creamer that I picked up at the grocery store earlier this week. Sure, it's full of hydrogenated things, but wow is it ever delicious! It tastes like a piece of gingerbread in a mug! So festive and fun!

New Office
Last night when I was out with my friends, I came home to find that Andy had set up my desk in my new "office" for me. I was so surprised and excited to come home to this!

The cords under the desk will be tackled today!

His office is in our spare bedroom, so we decided to set my office up in the loft that is at the top of our staircase. I love having my own area but also enjoy that fact that if I scoot back in my chair, I can see him in the room next to me! Perfect.

Speaking of offices, the other day my boss and I were randomly chatting about American Girl dolls and how we always wanted one but never received one since they are so expensive. On Thursday morning, I arrived at work and found the most current magazine on my desk. She said her daughter was done looking at it and she thought I'd get a kick out of it.

I always wanted a doll that looked like me!

You'd better believe Krystine and I drooled over the pages during our lunch break! This totally makes me miss being 8 years old...

A couple years ago, Andy and I wandered through the American Girl Store in the Mall of America (You may read about a past visit of mine to MOA here) and it is even a million times better than the magazine! All of the dolls and accessories are set up on display for you to see and they have a restaurant with mini high chairs for your doll to eat with you! They even have a salon for your doll to get a new 'do--so cute!

I'm off to catch up on some blogs and then tackle some organization projects before hitting the gym for a sweat session. Wedding recaps are still in the works--hang tight!

Did you ever have an American Girl Doll?
Which American Girl was your favorite? I loved Samantha and Molly!
Favorite flavor of coffee creamer? Normally I'm a milk or half and half type of person, but the seasonal creamers get me every time!


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