Thursday, September 22, 2011

30 Day Photo Challenge: Day 1

Good morning, bloggers! 

So, last month I grabbed this from a blog I was reading and then forgot to start it on my blog. Since it was awhile ago, I can't remember whose blog I got the image and idea from, so if it was yours--please speak up in the comments! 

Here we go! Feel free to play along on your blog!

Day1: Self Portrait

This is an illustration that I made a long, long time ago but it's still me (when I had much shorter hair!). Vector illustration is one of my favorite pastimes and I hope to emerge myself back into it soon--I miss creating my little characters and scenes from my imagination. It truly is one of my passions--one that allows me to turn up Pandora and lose myself for a couple of hours while creating something new.

Want to play along in the photo challenge?
What is something that you are super passionate about? 
Do you have a favorite photo that sums you up to a tee?


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