Sunday, August 28, 2011

Pack Up and Start a New Life

Good morning!

First of all, thank you so much for all of the birthday wishes for Andy! We had a great time trying out a new bike trail and then coming back to my place for some raspberry cheesecake! mmm.

Next, let me just say...I have MISSED blogging! Not just blogging, but reading blogs, too! I'm hoping to get back on track this week but can't make any promises since...

Moving is always so much work!

We found a place to live!

It is absolutely perfect for us! We decided to go with a 2 bedroom place so that Andy could have an office. Yesterday we spent the evening packing and loading up my car with all of the little stuff. We took a trip to the new place to drop off one car load, and I'm meeting my mom there in a little bit with another load. Today will most likely be spent hitting up Target for a couple shelving units for the closet, and unpacking like crazy!

We're planning on moving the big stuff (i.e. recliner, kitchen table, desk, etc.) later this week. Luckily we won't have to move my couch, tv, coffee table, etc. since we purchased new ones yesterday! They should arrive sometime this afternoon. It's been crazy busy around here--scrambling to finish all this stuff before the wedding--plus moving on top of it all! However, it has been fun to pack up and move--knowing that this will be our first place together.

It will also be great to have a place that really feels like "home." I have moved almost every year for the past few years and haven't really settled in to any of the places--therefore, I can't wait to hang pictures and have furniture that matches to help this feel a little more permanent, even if we don't live here forever.

Last night we were exhausted and collapsed onto the couch to catch up on an episode of 24 while eating dinner at 9:15pm! We went to the state fair yesterday morning with some friends, so after furniture shopping, packing, moving, unpacking, and packing some more--we were beat!

Well, I am off to jump in the shower and then get this show on the road! My next post is going to be a recap of our day at the fair, so stay tuned!

Until then, here are some recent foodie pictures!

Greek yogurt + all-natural cinnamon crunch cereal =  a delicious combo! I tried this Greek yogurt on a whim, and I must say, I think this is my new favorite brand. Chobani's are good once in awhile, but they are a little too sweet for the morning! This plain yogurt had a creamy texture, wasn't sweet, and didn't have that sour/tangy aftertaste that many plain yogurts tend to have. I'll definitely be purchasing this brand again! 

On Friday, Krystine and I decided to eat lunch at our desks and use our lunch break to hit up Starbucks for something different. Originally, I planned to grab an iced tea, but when I spotted the bottle of coconut syrup behind the barista counter, I just had to try it. I ordered a grande iced coffee with a pump of coconut syrup and then added a splash of half and half at the coffee bar. Oh my goodness, it was out of this world! I hope this isn't a short-lived limited time flavor, because it is seriously so good in iced coffee! 

Strawberry-raspberry smoothie to start the day! Since I'm moving, I've been trying to clean out my freezer--hence, a lot of frozen fruit has been popping into my protein smoothies lately. It adds such a refreshing taste!

My lunch carried in my new lunch box that I received from my mom at my bridal shower! I love how it looks like a cute little purse rather than a lunch sack! The black and white is my style exactly!

P.S. Remember Dunk-A-Roo's? I found them at the grocery store last week and immediately tossed them into my cart! So good! 

Berries and cream at the fair! Oh so good!

Have a great Sunday! 

What makes where you live feel like home?
Did you enjoy Dunk-A-Roo's as a kid? Or what childhood foods did you love?
Favorite fair food? 


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