Friday, August 05, 2011

Grab Bag of Tangents

Good morning!

Kashi Honey-Sunshine cereal is one of my all-time favorites.

I'm happy to report that I'm back in the blogging world! This week has been crazy but we've checked off a bunch of things from our wedding to-do list, so that feels really good! We are almost positive that we've found that place that we want to live. I'm really excited for it and I hope we get it! We decided to go with a 2-bedroom place so that we could have a room set up as an office for both of us to work on our art hobbies.

Last night as we were driving home from a townhouse showing, we spotted some hot air balloons in the sky! What a fun surprise!

One of the main things I'm going to miss about my current condo is this view each morning!

Speaking of which, I'm hopping to pick up a sketchbook this weekend. All of mine are filled and I've been itching to draw lately! Another big to-do that we'll be completing this weekend is our wedding registries! It will be fun to roam through the stores and decide what we'd like in our new place.

This post is just going to be a random update of things, along with a photo dump of what has been sitting on my camera. Enjoy!

My mom recently introduced me to flax milk. Seriously, this tastes amazing and has omega-3's in it!

Double-fisting it for breakfast with iced coffee + a purple protein smoothie

It is great in cereal, smoothies, and of course iced coffee! I've found it at the Wal-Mart superstore chains but it hasn't popped up at my local groceries store yet.

A random side note...did you know you can change your Google background? I believe you have to be signed into your Google account, but seriously--how fun is this?

The other day I hit up the gym on a whim--which means I used my gym bag that I keep in my car as opposed to packing a bag for a workout. As soon as I got to the locker room, I discovered that nothing in my bag matched...luckily it was a quick workout! I sported bright teal shorts, a peach and gold tank, and a navy sports bra. I guess we can't always match!

Some recent snackage:

I thought I'd give this a whirl the other day. The verdict? It was good, but a little too gummy and artificial-tasting. Not sure if I'd purchase these again but it worked great in a pinch for a pre-workout snack.

My mom left me this cute little gift basket on my nightstand at her house when I spent the weekend there last week. The gum was gone in two days but I shared the Butterfinger Snackers with Andy last night!

Fro-yo at the mall with my mom and sister while shopping for bridesmaid's gifts! I mixed the chocolate and coconut flavors together and topped it with chocolate chips. It reminded me of an almond joy! So good!

I took a couple of these from my mom's fridge when she expressed the fact that she wasn't going to use them. After trying them, they were just okay...the fruit juice made the berries a little too sweet for my liking, but I'm thinking that they would be good tossed into a smoothie.

Seriously, if you haven't tried peanut butter on your oats yet, you are missing out. Especially when they are banana-oats! Mmm. Such a satisfying combo that keeps you fuller longer due to the protein punch!

Sporting the elf socks to work yesterday. Have you guys ever heard of the store called "Gordman's"? My mom took me there last weekend and I was impressed! They had MEK, Silver, and Big Star jeans for half the price. They also had Nike athletic apparel for half price too. I'm not sure how they keep things so cheap but wow, who needs the Buckle store after finding this gem?! 

I bought the khaki's in the above picture there for a steal of a deal and they even came with a nice belt. My mom hemmed off quite a bit from the legs since I'm such a shrimp, and they are quickly becoming one of my favorite pairs of pants. So comfy!

Last night when I left the office for the evening, I spotted this little guy on my windshield. I was surprised that he actually held on for 75% of my ride home! What a trooper!

By the way, check back in the morning for our engagement pictures! I've got the post all prepped and ready to go!

Have a super day!

If you're married, what are some gift registry items that you recommend adding?
Ever heard of Gordman's?
Would you ever want to ride in a hot air balloon?
Has a bug ever hitched a ride on your car for a long period of time?


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