Monday, July 11, 2011

Wisconsin Weekend


I feel a little out of my element blogging in the evening but wanted to get these pictures up tonight. Kaaren and I had a great time up at the cabin for a girl's weekend filled with fun and relaxation. We agreed upon one rule for the weekend: no talking about work. We lasted until about Saturday night when we started chatting about office-related things, but nonetheless, it was a perfect weekend.

We both skipped out of work early on Friday in attempt to make it to the cabin before dark. She picked me up and we were on the road by 4pm--with limited traffic interruptions. First stop: crossing the state line over to Wisconsin to drop off her dog at the parental's for the weekend!

After meeting her parents and dropping Wally off, we were back on the road--en route to a girl's getaway weekend.

I'd like some extra arm muscles for Christmas

Upon arriving at the cabin, we celebrated with some chocolate wine! We kicked back with our glasses while chatting over a game of cribbage.

After awhile, we both decided to hit the hay since we were wiped from the work week and long car ride. It took us around 4 hours to reach the cabin, but the time actually passed pretty quickly as we chatted the miles away.

The next morning, I woke up much earlier than Kaaren (I'm quite the early bird!) so I figured I would take advantage of a beautiful morning on the front deck. With a good book and a cup of coffee in hand, I watched the sun rise and the summer breeze ripple through the lake in front of me.

About 15 minutes into my book, something caught my eye. When I looked up, a family of deer was passing through the yard right in front of me! There was even a little fawn with a cute spotted coat!

After Kaaren woke up, she suggested that we run down the road and grab some delicious scones that she and her family love. We both chose raspberry white chocolate scones and they were delicious!

We spent the majority of the morning reading on the deck before heading inside to prep some lunch. We enjoyed turkey sandwiches out on the deck and watching the cute little ducks that swam by.

After lunch, we both agreed that we felt like taking a nap. After retreating to our separate rooms, I listened to my iPod for a bit before conking out for a good two hours.

My room for the weekend

When I awoke, there was a note on my door from Kaaren--telling me to head outside as she had a kayak waiting for me. I hurried outside to join her for a kayak ride on the lake; after awhile, she discovered a little path hidden on the shore that allowed us to portage to the larger neighboring lake!

We had so much fun cruising through the water on our bright little boats--it sure is an upper body workout, though! Whew!

Afterwards, we headed back to the deck for a drink and some magazine reading. Did I mention that the whole goal of this trip was to relax?! We found some of this in the fridge and oh my goodness, it is my new favorite thing ever. It was so delicious and refreshing! I'm kind of a wimp when it comes to drinks and typically only like things that taste like spiked Kool-Aid--making this sangria right up my alley!

Soon enough, it was time to break out the grill! We prepped some chicken and veggie kebabs and I let Kaaren take the honors of grill master (mainly because grills freak me out!)

She brought along a great marinade--it was something along the lines of asian sesame ginger and wow was it good! It added a nice, tangy kick to the chicken. We both liked the grilled onions the best--they got super sweet upon grilling!

As our kebabs finished cooking, it started to sprinkle! We enjoyed our dinner inside and topped things off later on with a s'more roasted over the stovetop due to the drizzly weather outside. We also popped in a dvd before calling it a night! I loved how many summer activities we packed into the first day!

I'll recap the second day either tomorrow or Wednesday -- catch ya soon!

Favorite thing to grill?
Scones: fan or not?
What is your favorite board game?


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