Friday, July 15, 2011

Simple Summer Days

Alright guys, I'm back! Work has been crazy lately--early mornings and crazy deadlines have been keeping me pretty tied up! These photos are from a couple of weekends ago when I stayed at my my parents' house over the 4th of July

While browsing through these tonight, the majority of them screamed "summer" to me and I thought I'd give you a glimpse of a summer weekend at home looks like.

Coffee, berries, toast with almond butter, and the morning paper out on the deck before the heat sets in

Anyone else love the Dear Abby's?... Most of them are so dumb but  that's never stopped me from reading them!

Swinging at the park with my mom before we went for a walk around the lake

We practiced our sprints!

Duckie family!

Cooling off with a fresh fruit smoothie after our run

A juicy peach mixed with mint from the garden

Something that I always look forward to about staying at my parents' house is the fact that life slows down--even if it is just for a weekend. When I'm at my place during the week, the days whiz by so quickly as I bounce from work to the gym to the grocery store to running errands, etc. When I head out of town, I remember how wonderful it is to wake up without an alarm clock. To savor coffee rather than slam it down before running out the door. To ease into the day and embrace it...

After all, that's what life is all about. Not deadlines, traffic jams, and multitasking.

What screams "summer" to you?
Do you ever mix herbs with fruit? 
Favorite berry? 


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