Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tuesday 3's

Good morning!

Are you ready for some random Tuesday 3's to start your day?

1. As much as I love it, cereal doesn't always fill me up unless I pair it with something else. For example, I ate it Saturday morning for breakfast and was starving an hour later...I ended up eating eggs and a banana + peanut butter before I left for the gym since my organic Cinnamon Toast Crunch wasn't enough to fuel me for a workout.

2. I am 23 years old and still sleep with a nightlight. I'll admit it--I'm afraid of the dark!

3. On that note, I also love anything that has to do with kid's stuff: Crayola, juice boxes, Clif-Z bars, etc. The other night, Andy stopped over for dinner and while he was on my computer, I found some old crayons in my desk drawer. However, these were not just any crayons, they were scented ones! I immediately began scribbling on a card and smelling them before making a game out of it by having Andy guess what each scribbled scent was.

P.S. I finished both seasons of Make it or Break it on Netflix and need something new to watch in my downtime. Does anyone have any recommendations of a TV series on Netflix Instant-Play that I should watch next?

Favorite TV series? I love 24 and 7th Heaven
Markers or Crayons for coloring? Markers
Favorite scent? Chocolate chip cookies straight out of the oven


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