Sunday, June 05, 2011

Saturday Sister Shopping Date

Yesterday my sister, Andrea drove up to my place so that we could spend the day together before she headed off to a grad party that evening. To pass the time, I filled up my tank with gas and my stomach with a Starbucks while I waited for her arrival.

My mom gave me a bunch of old Starbucks coffee bags since they let you trade them in for a free hot or iced coffee. This works out well as my iced coffee addiction is free!

As soon as she arrived, we hopped into my car and hit the road. It took a little longer than I remembered to get there, but it was great to catch up on each other's lives as we rode. Just before we arrived, we decided to make a quick pit stop to grab some lunch so we'd be fueled for our shopping adventure.

We saw a few billboards for the Asian salad at McDonald's and we both agreed that a fresh salad was exactly what we were craving on a hot, sunny day.

Thank you Mickey-D's for your wonderful lighting...

We munched our salads quickly before heading back on the highway towards our destination. While my sister was in the bathroom, I hit up the Redbox to grab a movie that my sister recommended to me:

I plan on watching it today--hopefully it isn't too scary! I love thrillers and suspense but am easily scared by movies so it is kind of a love-hate relationship.

The original plan for our shopping day was to find some clothes for my upcoming engagement photos with Andy. However, I didn't find anything that I liked and ended up purchasing some new athletic clothes instead. We even found matchy-matchy shirts:

My favorite part about this outlet mall, however, was this:

TCBY is a rare find these days in Minnesota with just a few select locations. It doesn't compare to the excellence of Freeziac, but it definitely brings back memories of my mom taking my sister and I as kids to our local TCBY on hot summer days to cool off.

It was so fun to catch up and hang out with my sister; I always cherish our time together now that we are older. After she left, I tidied up a bit before my friend Kaaren came over for an evening of pizza, lemonade, and girl chat on the deck. It was the perfect ending to a Saturday.

Favorite frozen yogurt or ice cream topping? Reeses Pieces for me!
Favorite athletic brand? I like Nike, Under Armour, and Puma


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