Friday, June 03, 2011

A Mid-Week Mini Adventure



This week really flew by--it's hard to believe it is already Friday, but hey, I'll take it! I'm so excited to spend the day with my sister tomorrow. She driving up in the morning and we're going to spend the day scoping out an outlet mall.


The other night Andy and I went to check out another wedding reception venue even though we already have money down on one...that's just how we roll. The location both inside and out was gorgeous but it was booked for our wedding day--so that made things easy! We're just going to stick with our original plan, but it was fun to check this one out for kicks and giggles.

I was amused by these nifty-looking bike racks! We plan to go back again to rollerblade and/or bike this summer.

The location was so neat--it had a lake, hiking trails, bike paths, a little cafe, and even a patio. We discussed how this location would be perfect for pre-ceremony wedding photos, since it is right by the chapel in which we will be getting married. 

It was either really sunny or I was extremely tired--I'm going to go with the latter...

There were numbers on the trees?

Andy brought our invitations (that we designed together!) along so that we could test drive our map on the back. We jotted down a few landmarks to add to the map, but other than that, the directions were easy to navigate. Andy kept trying to have me follow with the map while he drove and I ended up handing it back to him after getting confused; I can't read maps to save my life. Thank goodness for Mr. Garmin.


Summer has begun! With Minnesota's humidity and my activity levels, Gatorade is my choice beverage in the summer. My favorite flavor is lemon-lime but I also used to love the watermelon flavor that is now discontinued...does anyone remember this flavor?

I used to always bring a bottle of this to my dance classes to stay hydrated--it was so refreshing!

I am off to the office super early this morning to get a head start on wrapping up some projects to send to clients before kicking off the weekend. I love arriving before the majority gets there--it is so peaceful, which makes it easier to get a lot of things accomplished in a short amount of time.

What is your favorite flavor of Gatorade?
Are you good with directions? Any good stories about getting lost?


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